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Luling Texas is a small town.  We want to direct you to a real live florist who still has a local small business.  There is only one flower shop left in Luling as I closed my own shop in June 2015. I highly recommend Susanne's Designs and use Susanne myself for my floral needs.  Please call her directly instead of ordering from some wire service. If you call her direct, you will get more for your money. Typically a referring floral service keeps back 20% of the amount you pay just to get on the phone and call someone.. just like you can do yourself. Some of those services even charge a fee on top of keeping that 20% they don't tell you about. Call direct and put that money to work in a nicer floral arrangement delivered. Did you know some of those online wire services actually just send a box with a vase and a stack of flowers tossed in? In those cases it is up to the receiver to arrange the flowers themselves. Yuck.